Frogs are known as biological indicator species. According to scientific reports, frogs across the globe are facing extinction four times faster than any other tetrapod (a four-footed animal, especially a member of a group which includes all vertebrates higher than fishes). Threats being - habitat destruction and disturbance, diseases, malformations and climate change. India harbours a rich diversity of frogs within its various landscapes but they currently under grave threat.
The university town of Manipal, situated on the laterite plateau, with the Western Ghats on one side and the vast Arabian sea on other forms a unique habitat for birds and frogs alike. Frogs of Manipal is a citizen science initiative started in 2016 to involve students and faculty members from Manipal University, along with the local populace to come together and appreciate the rich diversity of frogs within and around the town. But these citizen scientists don't just appreciate their beauty, they also gather valuable data about these frogs that facilitates research and conservation efforts to save these tiny croakies :) This video showcases the beautiful landscapes of Manipal with its rich diversity of frogs. Enjoy! 
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