The Indian Balloon frog is nothing short of a character from a comic. Peculiar looks, moves and behaviour - the balloon frog is a treat to watch.
During the monsoons last year, I spotted a very strange looking frog in my garden. It was like nothing I'd seen before - the first thought I has was "what the heck is this thing?!". I quickly took a few snaps, and sent them to Madhushri, who was kind enough to let me know that this was a balloon frog, from the genus Uperodon.

The year after that, I've read and studied more about frogs than I ever had in the last seventeen years, and last week, I saw another one in my garden!

Now that I know these frogs spend most of their lives underground, and come out during the Monsoons, I can't help but wonder if this was the same one I saw last year - who know, that might as well be the case! These creatures are peculiar - they are soooooo cool! Watch the video to know more about them.
Narrated by Darshana Suresh

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